Monitoring the health status of your equipment. FMAudit is the unique monitoring software that informs and provides updates on the health of allyour devices. Through the FMAudit system, our technicians will be instantly notified of any issues regarding your equipment and will detect any faults that may hinder your productivity. Upon request CCM is able to provide you with a maintenance report detailing the status of your devices. Use this report for meetings with other team members and to plan future upgrades and purchases.


Developed to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing, PaperCut’s print accounting and print management software is now in use in over 50,000 organizations across 100+ countries. PaperCut has expanded over the years from originally implementing student print quotas in education to now covering all areas from business, to corporate and government. The key to controlling print usage across an organization lies in the setting of reasonable budgets or quotas and active monitoring. Providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments, PaperCut is the only true cross-platform print control software available. From schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT, Papercut’s print management software is ideal for organizations of all sizes. PaperCut helps to create an environmentally friendly workplace and encourages the responsible use of company resources.


Capture, categorize, and use all document types. With HP TeleForm, you can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually sorting and entering data. TeleForm enables you to automatically capture, classify, and extract data and images from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies to create accurate, process-ready content in real time. You can easily capture information from documents received via post, fax, email, Internet, and mobile devices. Through advanced recognition and pattern-matching technologies, TeleForm understands all document types—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

Product benefits Multichannel automated information capture: Retrieve and use information from documents you receive via post, fax, email, the Internet, and mobile devices. Intelligent document recognition: Enable identification of data entities on semi-structured documents, such as invoices. Remote capture: Capture documents at the point they are received, using remote capture via FTP and the Internet, to eliminate shipping costs and delays. Validation: Rely on business rules and logic to implement checksum algorithms, perform cross-field validation, and verify information against external data sources


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